31 Aralık 2011 Cumartesi

Jaguar Land Rover to miss out on Detroit Motor Show

 The British at Jaguar Land Rover have confirmed their plans for the Detroit Motor Show. Actually, they’ve confirmed the lack of plans for the American event.

Neither of the alliance members will display any of their products in Motown and while it’s a little sad, it’s not that big a loss for the show.

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28 Aralık 2011 Çarşamba

Mitsubishi i-MiEV

With the revenge of the electric car well and truly underway, the chances of seeing mums and dads getting
behind the wheel of a zero-emissions vehicle is increasing by the day – especially if you live in Japan or California.

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26 Aralık 2011 Pazartesi

2012 Rolls-Royce Ghost

The latest car in the Rolls-Royce line-up, the Ghost Extended Wheelbase (EWB), will arrive on our shores in just a few months’ time.

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24 Aralık 2011 Cumartesi



 The futuristic Honda EV-STER Concept is reportedly set for production. The fully electric compact convertible was unveiled at the 2012 Tokyo Motor Show last month.

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22 Aralık 2011 Perşembe

postponed to 2014, the new Morgan evagt

Morgan evagt

The launch of the hotly anticipated Morgan EvaGT sports car has been pushed back two years following the company’s decision to develop an all-new magnesium chassis for the car.

    The menacing EvaGT four-seat coupe was scheduled to launch at the 2012 Geneva motor show in less than three months’ time, but Morgan Motor Company managing director Charles Morgan regretfully confirmed the chassis rethink meant the production car would not be ready until 2014.

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20 Aralık 2011 Salı

2011 Startech Range Rover

startech range rover - sport cars - lanrover tuning
2011 Startech Range Rover

brabus group - startech evoque

STARTECH, a BRABUS Group company, refinement program makes its world debut for the new Range Rover Evoque at the running 2011 Dubai Motor Show. STARTECH refines the new Evoque with a sporty-elegant design program, which include custom-tailored forged wheels, a ride-height lowering, a sport exhaust system and a number of interior options.

startech range rover sport design - concept cars

startech concept cars - modified range rover
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17 Aralık 2011 Cumartesi

2013 Mercedes SL

2013 Mercedes SL

We all look at the S Class and imagine it is the flagship of Mercedes Benz, but if you really want to feel special in the presence of a three pointed star, you need to look elsewere.

Particularly, at the two door convertible version of the S Class, the Mercedes SL. It’s due for a new version release and images of this version were just leaked online

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14 Aralık 2011 Çarşamba

GM custom Chevrolet Camaro

GM  custom Chevrolet Camaro

Chevrolet Camaro veteran tribute
Destined to help quite a lot of people in the process, the vehicle in question is a custom built version of the Chevrolet Camaro pony car.
The new creation will be auctioned off and the proceeds will be headed over to whatever vets around the U.S. may need help. By the way, the special Chevrolet Camaro will help veterans, not veterinarians, in case you were uncertain.
What makes the Chevrolet Camaro special enough to auction off is not the rare generosity moment of the automotive industry.

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12 Aralık 2011 Pazartesi

Nissan Juke-R

Nissan Juke-R black edition

The Nissan Juke-R is one of the rare projects of the automotive industry. A group of enthusiasts at Nissan UK built it for themselves to try and us to enjoy.
As Autoblog reports however, the new Juke-R project isn’t to everybody’s liking, particularly the higher-up management of Nissan Japan. The home base of Nissan does not approve.

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7 Aralık 2011 Çarşamba

Suzuki Q

japanese autos - modern auto - amazing cars
Suzuki Q smart mini car - small vehicles

what would the Tokyo show be without at least one completely off-the-wall concept car that has no rational reason for being, nor the remotest possibility of ever becoming a commercial reality?
Suzuki, in this year of doubt and fear and seriousness on the part of the Japanese auto industry, has come through with an absurd concept that one can look at, laugh at, and be reassured that it will never encroach upon the streets of the world. The Suzuki Q is short, narrow, tall, garish and impractical — everything needed for a Tokyo show. Its perfectly round doors, its fully-enclosed wheels (if there were wheels in those pods — they came so close to the stand surface it was impossible to see if there were tires in them or if the Q was sitting on blocks) and its odd bustle for the rear tandem seat, complete with quarter windows made the Q a perfect goofmobile. Hats off to Suzuki. via : automobilemag

4 Aralık 2011 Pazar

Nissan Cube

nissan cars - new cars cube
Nissan Cube - nissan vehicles
Despite poor sales of just 13, 850 units up until October in 2011, dropping from 23, 000 units sold in 2010, Nissan will continue selling its quirky Cube in North America. The Cube, with a 1.8-litre engine, was released in 2009 as a competitor to the equally boxy Scion xB.
Nissan North America sales boss Brian Carolin told Autoweek at the Los Angeles Auto Show in is defence that “It’s a niche product that has found its place in the market and that it benefited particularly when gas prices were spiking earlier this year, and we were struggling to get a supply of it. We had a lot of demand for it.” Poor sales could be attributed to production challenges following the Japan earthquake back in March of this year.Nissan is currently offering no incentives on the Cube. via : carblog

2 Aralık 2011 Cuma

Toyota Fun-Vii Concept

Toyota Fun-Vii Concept
Ahead of its official debut at the Tokyo Motor Show, Toyota has unveiled its new Fun-Vii concept car. The skin of the bullet shaped car for the “not too distant future” serves as a massive display that can change its colour and display graphics, images, and custom messages for other drivers and bystanders. The skin can be changed using a specialised app and have its interior adjusted as well – the three-seat cabin has a continuous display which spans from the dashboard to the floor. Overall the vehicle measures 4,020mm long, 1,745mm wide and 1,415mm tall with a wheelbase of 2,750mm via : carblog
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