28 Kasım 2011 Pazartesi

tilter city compact

french entrepreneur eric prosé founded the manufacturing company synergEthic to produce 'tilter', an ultra-compact, zero-emissions vehicle designed to satisfy day-to-day needs and the demands of urban space without polluting the environment. the vehicle features custom technology that that  registers input from twelve sensors to automatically optimize vehicle response
to difficult driving conditions. on exhibition during EICMA 2011, 'tilter' is planned for mass production and availability in 2012.

rather than requiring gasoline, the 440kg 'tilter' is powered exclusively by electricity. when the vehicle is fully charged, it may travel up to 120 KM. the top traveling speed of 'tilter' is 110 KM/H, attaining an acceleration of 0 to 100 km/hr (0-60mph) in 13.3 seconds.

the vehicle's aerodynamic body design caters to the maneuvering required urban drivers. similar in form to a covered scooter, the vehicle seats two people in succession. the vehicle's steel body measures 900mm wide, 2530mm long, and 1650mm high, maintaining the visibility of both the driver and those with whom he shares the road. 'tilter' is small enough to park in spacesdesigned for two-wheelers, and the vehicle's sliding track door system enables easy exiting even in tight parking spots.

21 Kasım 2011 Pazartesi

Ssangyong Australia cuts price of Kyron, Rexton, Stavic

ssangyong - family cars

 Ssangyong Stavic - family cars

 The Ssangyong Stavic people mover enjoys the biggest savings. The seven-seater is now priced from $29,990 driveaway, making it one of the cheapest people movers in Australia.
The Stavic comes standard with 16-inch alloy wheels, front fog lights, reverse parking sensors and climate control. The standard safety package includes electronic stability control but only two airbags, which is disappointing for a family car.

 Ssangyong Stavic - new cars australia
via : caradvice

17 Kasım 2011 Perşembe

2012 Honda CR-V launch remains on track

Nothing trills the media and occupies the mind as much as natural disaster. Sadly though, the latest one being the floods in Thailand have plenty other things to be said about them.

Sure there’s plenty of human and other forms of life lost but out in the first world there’s plenty of more important problems such as short supplies of hard-drives and car components.

 2012 honda cr-v ex-l

 Though seemingly, most Japanese manufacturers are affected by the part shortage, Honda has managed to avoid it as far as the 2012 CR-V launch is concerned.

There have been some reports about the U.S. version of the Civic being low on stocks so maybe they pilfered stocks for the hatchback in order to keep their SUV on time.

2012 honda cr v towing capacity

14 Kasım 2011 Pazartesi

Nissan’s Third Generation Pivo 3

nissan pivo 3

Nissan first revealed the wacky-looking Pivo EV Concept at the 2005 Tokyo Motor Show before redesigning it as the Pivo 2 in 2007. Now, Nissan has replaced the electric car’s original curves and bubble shape for a sharper look with artistic angles to better suit its city functionality with the Pivo 3. The new ultra-compact city vehicle targeting singles and couples living in an urban lifestyle, measures just 3m in length and seats just three occupants.
In addition to its zero-emission powertrain the new EV also has a lot of automated parking capabilities. Pivo 3 can park automatically in specially-equipped parking lots and while the driver is away from the car it recharges itself or sells excess power to the grid. Later, the driver can summon it to his or her location using a smartphone. While Nissan has done away with the rotating cabins found in its Pivo 1 and 2, the Pivo 3 will still be able to get out of tricky spaces without reversing with its zero turn gap capabilities and wide steering angle that allows the car to hang a U-turn on roads that are just four meters wide.

While the EV is not quite ready for public sale, Nissan has commented that the third generation model is a more “realistic” version of the EV of the future.

The futuristic and compact Pivo 3 will make its official debut at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show.

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