31 Ocak 2012 Salı

Daily car pics # 10 : Land Rover Defender SVX

Daily car pics # 9 : Most Amazing Best Extreme Modification Of Hummer H2 H3 or We Called That Hummer H6

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30 Ocak 2012 Pazartesi

Porsche models : Cayman S

 German automobile manufacturer Porsche has decided to do something special for reaching their 2 millionth fan on their Facebook fan page. The performance brand has designed a special Facebook themed Porsche Cayman S to celebrate the milestone.

The vehicle is based in white with red tinted photos of their Facebook fans running along the vehicle. To finish off the look, Porsche equipped the vehicle with contrasting black wheels and a matching interior. The vehicle is also covered with ’2 Mill. Facebook Fans’ white graphics. The vehicle will be going on display at the Stuttgart based Porsche Museum until January 27th, 2012.

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29 Ocak 2012 Pazar

Hummer Closed. GM produced the last Hummer H3 unit

General Motors announced that was produced at its factory in Louisiana the last H3 unit. This means that
Hummer brand will be liquidated. The story of one of the brands that represented the U.S. in the global auto industry officially ended. General Motors has announced that its plant in Shreveport (Louisiana) has produced the latest Hummer H3, this landmark representing the termination of this American brand.

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27 Ocak 2012 Cuma

Daily car pics # 8 : classic logo mini coopers tuning

mini couper logo

mini couper tuning

mini couper tuning

mini couper s tuning

Toyota Hi-CT Concept lifestyle vehicle electric cars

October 17, 2007 Toyota is targeting the youth market of the future with the “edgy” Hi-CT Urban Concept vehicle. With its unconventionally high shape and curved, vertical front end giving it an appearance akin to a
mini-railway engine, the Hi-CT incorporates a removable rear trunk and a deck where surfboards, bicycles and other equipment can be stowed, along with a plug-in hybrid drive system which also stores energy that can be utilized for other applications via an AC100V accessory socket.

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26 Ocak 2012 Perşembe

Daily car pics # 7 : dodge ram 1500 3500 lifted trucks

dodge ram - lifted
lifted - ram - dodge - trucks

lifted tuning- dodge ram - trucks

25 Ocak 2012 Çarşamba

Reiter Engineering tricks out the Chevrolet Camaro GT

It would seem that Reiter Engineering is getting around as the racing specialists have decided to take on a racer based on the Chevrolet Camaro GT.

This happens just after they’ve taken a bit of a stab at speeding up the Lamborghini Gallardo GT600+ GT3 racer.

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24 Ocak 2012 Salı

Toyota's NS4 concept projects the hybrid car

Toyota's NS4 advanced plug-in hybrid concept that was unveiled this week at the 2012 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit is the brainchild of Toyota engineers who were given the task of designing a new mid-size concept for potential launch in markets worldwide by 2015. While the NS4
concept is a dedicated plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV), Toyota says it isn't part of its Prius family, with a next-generation Hybrid Synergy Drive plug-in system that is not only smaller and lighter, but is also more fuel efficient, boasts better acceleration and a longer all-electric range than the current system.

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Daily car pics # 6 : humvees humvee breton

23 Ocak 2012 Pazartesi

Hummer H3 European Version

 “HUMMER has global appeal. European customers have already demonstrated a high level of acceptance of the HUMMER H2 due to its unparalleled off-road capabilities and iconic design,” said Susan Docherty,
general manager of HUMMER who oversees the brand in the U.S. and abroad. “We expect the H3 to make the HUMMER brand even more approachable and accessible to a wider array of European consumers.”

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Daily car pics # 5 : land rover defender DC 100 concept

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22 Ocak 2012 Pazar

2010 Chevy Equinox: A New Look For Detroit

2010 equinox - chevrolet cars

Surprise! Here's the 2010 Chevrolet Equinox scheduled to make its debut at the 2009 Detroit Auto Show. Bet you didn't expect to see this on a Sunday morning did you?

The all-new 2010 Chevrolet Equinox builds on the the previous model with more of what segment buyers are looking for across pretty much every aspect. Better interior, better styling, better engines, better transmissions and smarter features. You can bet GM will be trumpeting from the heavens the new Equinox's 30 MPG highway rating when optioned with the direct injection 2.4 liter four cylinder and standard six speed transmission, but we've seen the little SUV in the sheetmetal and we're happy to say the Equinox isn't just a fuel economy figure.

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21 Ocak 2012 Cumartesi

Daily car pics # 5 : audi r4

20 Ocak 2012 Cuma

Audi R8 limousine

Don’t worry, there are no mistakes in the title, the British people from Carbonyte along with Limo Broker
planing to transform the Audi R8 sports car into a limousine. This is not the first project of this kind as the company also presented the Ferrar 360 limo few years ago, namely in 2008.

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nissan leaf electric car

“The Leaf is the gateway to a brave new electric world from Nissan. This 5-seater, 5-door hatchback is the world's first, purpose-built, mass-produced electric car. It has a range of over 100 miles on a full charge
claims Nissan, takes around 8 hours to recharge using 220-240V power supply and produces zero tailpipe emissions. Its low center of gravity produced sharp turn-in with almost no body roll and no understeer. The good news? It feels just like a normal car, only quieter.”

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19 Ocak 2012 Perşembe

Donkervoort GTO

The Donkervoort D8 GTO is the evolution of the Dutch company’s D8 GT track model and is the result of two and a half years of development in partnership with Audi Quattro GmbH.

The car, which has a weight of just 700 kg, will be powered by a 2.5 liter Audi TFSI unit, with an output of 340 that can be boosted up to 400 hp by pressing a special ‘race module switch’ in the dashboard.
Compared to its predecessors – the closed GT and the open D8 270RS – the GTO is 35 cm longer and 15 cm wider – an increase necessary to accommodate the longitudinally mounted five cylinder Audi engine while maintaining the needed dynamic balance.

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17 Ocak 2012 Salı

2012 Chevrolet Captiva Sport ( saturn vue )

Do you miss the Saturn Vue? If so, General Motors is ready to wipe your tears away. Meet the new Chevrolet Captiva Sport, a shockingly familiar crossover being offered for fleet sales here in the United
States. GM is quick to point out that the Sport is a variant of the popular Captiva CUV sold in other markets, though its Saturn-badged kin can still be found all over the nation.

The 2012 Chevrolet Captiva Sport will be available in three trim levels – LS, LT and LTZ – with two different powertrain choices. The base engine is GM’s Ecotec 2.4-liter direct-injected four-cylinder, while the uplevel powerplant is The General’s 3.0-liter direct-injected V6. Having experienced both of these units in the Chevrolet Equinox and GMC Terrain crossovers, we found the four to be far smoother and more refined than the anaemic V6. In any case, both engines ar mated to a six-speed automatic transmission, and all-wheel drive is optional on LTZ models.

LT and LTZ models use the 3.0-liter V6 and come standard with OnStar and Bluetooth connectivity. LTZ standard equipment also includes leather-trimmed seats (heated for front passengers), a rear-view camera and premium audio system.

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16 Ocak 2012 Pazartesi

land rover discovery

Land Rover is today unveiling a family of gently chiselled full-size 4x4s – think of it as Solihull’s answer to the changing zeitgeist and the next step in Land Rover’s greening of its range. The new Discovery gains a
clean new diesel and can now claim a 30mpg average; there’s also a new interior and an exterior facelift – enough to warrant a new Discovery 4 badge.

The big news under the bonnet of Discovery 4 is the arrival of the new Jaguar Land Rover 3.0-litre V6 diesel. It’s an evolution of the current 2.7 TDV6 (which continues for base-end versions) and is equipped with the very latest in common-rail technology and a particulate filter to trim emissions to 244g/km, meet EU5 exhuast limits not due in until 2011, and hit an average of 30.4mpg.

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